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Opportunities for Writing Workshops

Recently I have developed a series of writing workshops for busy families and for those looking for ways to explore the Writewell method with a small time commitment.

These one to two hour sessions integrate instruction, student writing, along with a variety of engaging, hands-on activities. One-hour sessions cost $25 (available for only beginner students) and two-hour workshops cost $35 per student. Discounts are offered to host families and siblings of enrolled participants. SAT Essay Skills Workshop available.

Four different workshops, designed for different writing levels and needs, have been developed. Each workshop includes teacher instruction, group-developed models, individual and small group exercises, and hands-on activities.

  • Beginner's Writing Workshop: Through group activities, games, and other cooperative exercises, young students are introduced to the four-step Writewell process (see AboutWriteWell for details). Writing exercises explore fictional as well as factual writing experiences, with a wide variety of hands-on activities to engage students new to formal writing. Parents are welcome to sit in and assist with the manual aspects of writing. Learning composition skills does not rely on handwriting skills; students can rely on dictation without any difficulties. [These workshops usually focus on younger elementary students, but readiness--not age--determines placement. Finding the right peer combination can be managed by the host, while I can adapt lessons to meet a variety of writers' needs.] One-hour workshops cost $25 per student; $35 for two-hour workshops. Siblings attend for $5 less. Usually younger students manage better with a one-hour session.

  • Intermediate Writing Workshop: Students with some formal writing experience, but who lack skills, discipline, or interest in writing will benefit from this workshop. Cooperative group writing exercises, combined with modeled practice and hands-on activities, will be employed, as students explore a wide variety of writing challenges. [A diverses age spectrum of students will benefit from this workshop, from advanced younger students to older students of many writing (and reluctant) temperments.] Two-hour workshops cost $35 per student, with a $5 discount for siblings.

  • Essay-Writing Workshop: Students learn the five-paragraph thesis-essay formula, while exploring topic/concluding sentences, introduction and conclusion-writing, and a an assortment of innovative techniques to expand writing skills. [Students looking to develop essay-writing skills will benefit from this class. Usually this class caters to middle and high school students, but advanced upper elementary students interested in such a challenge have also found success through these exercises.] Two-hour workshops cost $35 per student, with a $5 discount for siblings.

  • SAT Essay Writing Skills Workshop: Because the SAT (and SSAT) exams require students to write a 25 minute impromptu essay, which represents one-third of the exam, special skills are required. I have studied how graders have been trained, what rubrics they employ in assessing these essays, and patterns among essays that win high marks for the SATs. This two-hour workshop includes detailed instructions, checklists to guide students, practice essays from actual SAT tests, with assessments. This two-hour workshop costs $35 per participant.

  • Workshops can be developed to meet a variety of needs. Contact me at bwhitlock@writing.ismything.org to explain your needs, and we can discuss the possibities. Because extra work will go into creating these workshops, an additional $10 fee may be added to the regular workshop fee of $25 for one hour and $35 for two hours.

How to Host a Writing Workshop:

  • Contact me by email at bwhitlock@writing.ismything.org.
  • Determine if you are interested in one or more of these workshops. I can offer two workshops back-to-back. An ideal arrangement features a one-hour Beginner's Writing Workshop followed by a two-hour Intermediate or Essay-Writing Workshop.
  • Establish a reasonable space for the workshop, including a table for writing, room for activities that require movement, and place for a tripod and marker board (I can bring these, if needed).
  • Try to find approximately 10 students for each workshop.
  • One child from the host family may attend the workshop for free.

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