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Writing Classes and Tutorials

Write Well teaches the craft of formal writing, through a clear sequence of procedures and with a detailed toolbox of techniques. Children of all ages and with diverse writing temperments-- from reluctant to prolific wordsmiths, for those learning how to write sentences to those preparing for the SATs --have found success with the Write Well method. Click on ParentEndorsements to view the range of writers helped through these courses.

Weight off Parents' Shoulders! With as little as three 15-minute work sessions per week, students can advance rapidly in their writing skills. Assignment models, clear directions, step-by-step links, reasonable costs, and unlimited individualized assistance make Write Well a winning choice for parents looking to help their children learn the invaluable tools needed to develop as capable and confident writers.

  • NEW COURSE TO GET TEENS WRITING! Internet Writing for Teens: Don't just surf the web this summer, dive in! Develop skills for writing up to 8 different types of Internet articles, and earn money for your articles on http://www.helium.com. Develop your writing skills on subjects that interest you, during your free time this summer For more details see InternetWritingForTeens

  • SAT course! Writing successful essays for the SATs: This course has been designed based on how the College Board trains teachers to score SAT essays. Writing a well-developed essay, which meets the College Board's six-point rubrics, can seem a daunting task for the 25 minutes provided for this section. Learn how to master this challenge! See SATEssayWriting for details.

The Write Well Advantage!

  • Problems with how schools approach writing: Schools spend all the early grades emphasizing inspiration-based writing, which few young students have the experiential depth or maturity to master. The transition to formal essay-writing skills occurs abruptly, with little preparation for these heightened expectations. What your student learns each year depends on the personality and interests of each teacher assigned, which causes significant gaps in the steady progression of writing skills. Moreover, the competitive grading system undermines confidence in students.

  • Problems with homeschool curriculums: For homeschoolers, so many curriculums for purchase require too much preparation or encourage twaddle. Some homeschoolers worry about their reluctant writers. Even with the most prolific homeschooled writing students, parents may struggle with tensions which develop when parents critique their own children's work. Writing creates vulnerability, which impacts personal relationships in tricky ways. Also, setting deadlines may seem arbitrary in the homeschool setting, and not enough finished writing gets completed.

  • WHY THE WRITE WELL APPROACH WORKS! This approach to writing combines years of school and homeschool teaching experience, with a high quality presentation and an innovative, simplified approach. The sequence of courses incrementally leads children in skills development, while providing a variety of starting points for different ages and writing temperaments. In addition, Writewell tutorials offer personalized, one-on-one instruction and encouragement, from an experienced teacher and an attuned homeschool mom. Students' papers receive carefully crafted comments, which teach gently while building confidence. In addition to offering unlimited assistance through email, each student's paper receives thorough commentary, encouraging general comments, and an individualized goal for the next assignment. Many students take advantage of unlimited opportunities to revise and improve their work, although this is not required. As in all things, parents know best: Courses can be adapted to meet the individual needs of students, including substituting assignment topics for alternative curricular goals.

Write Well Tutorials Offers Four Options for Study

  • On-line classes: Choose from six different on-line classes for students of all ages, from young elementary age through high school. Each class can be completed in six weeks, or extended to a pace set by individual families. Except for the accelerated highest level class, courses cost only $135, with unlimited individualized help offered through email communication. View the OnLineWriteWellClasses link for more details. I have many other courses in the wings; often student/parent interest drives me to put the finishing touches on a work in progress. Click on the FutureCoursePlans link to view more possibilities. Feel free to email me with suggestions.

  • In-house classes: Host families can sponsor satellite classes for students in their region at 25% off the cost of the classes offered, for all the host family's children. Most classes run six weeks, but other arrangements can be made. See the HowToHostAWritewellClass link below. No in-house classes will be offered during the Fall 2007 term.

  • Writing Workshops: These one to two hour sessions integrate instruction, student writing, along with a variety of engaging, hands-on activities. One-hour sessions cost $25 (available for only beginner students) and two-hour workshops cost $35 per student. Discounts are offered to host families and siblings of enrolled participants. SAT Essay Skills Workshop available. View the WritingWorkshop link below.

  • Personal tutoring through email: For students looking for an individualized approach to assisting with their writing skills, personal help is available. An individualized plan can be developed, based on the student's interests and need. The rate of $65 per hour will be applied to the types of tasks requested. If students have shorter pieces to edit, the scale may slide downward; longer tasks may increase the rate. Ideal for writing college essays!

More Information About the Writewell Writing Process and Specific Classes

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