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Upcoming Classes and Workshops

In-house option: I will be teaching at only one venue for the winter/spring 2007 term. Two classes will be offered in North Andover on Tuesday afternoons. See NAndoverClasses for details. These classes begin Tuesday, January 23rd.

On-line options: Online classes are open to ongoing enrollment. In addition to the full gamet of regular courses, I am offering two new choices:

  • SAT Essay-writing: Prepared using materials the College board provides to train test scorers, this class gives a student preparing for the SAT every advantage on the essay portion of the class. See SATEssayWriting for details. This class is only available online.

  • Apprentice Level IV: The Persuasive Essay: This course develops a five paragraph thesis essay on an issue about which a student feels passionate. See ApprenticeLevelIV for details

Summer 2007 Workshops: I am accepting requests for summer workshops. See WritingWorkshops for details.

Fall 2007 course: While it is early to commit, early requests will be honored first. Priority goes to existing classes; if these attract enough students, I will continue in the same venue. Distance and other variables will also be considered.

* If you would like to host a Write Well class in your area, review details under the HowToHostAWritewellClass link or email me at bwhitlock@writing.ismything.org.

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