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Refund Policy

  • Deposit Monies are non-refundable: Families may hold a space for their child in a class with a $50 deposit. These are not returned if the parent withdraws enrollment.

  • On-Line Students: A 50% refund is available within two weeks of receiving your log-in invitation email, which gives you access to your course via the private pages of the Writewell site.

  • In-House Students: A 50% refund is available within seven days of the first class session.

  • Workshop Students: Because this is a one-shot deal, no refunds are available.

  • Individually-tutored Students: Payments are received in advance of each session, without refunds available. For students receiving tutoring help via email, advanced payment schedules will be developed around tasks. Parents have the option of cancelling at any time, but money will only be refunded for tutoring sessions or times not yet used.

  • After these time limits, no refunds will be provided.

A Note About Anxiety: Trying a new thing can be a challenge, both for parents and children. I use analogies to help understand the natural transitional angst which can accompany learning a new thing. Imagine learning to properly play an instrument you have banged on all your life, immersing yourself in a full yoga practice after dabbling in videos for years, training in specific athletic techniques with a coach after years of enjoying the game informally. Your muscles feel awkward and you feel uncoordinated trying these new moves. You may even long for your old way of doing things; "it was so much easier and more fun the old way," you may lament. But, after a few weeks of conditioning, the new way becomes more smooth and natural; you may be impressed by accelerated skills development. Give this process some time, before giving up! Beware of transitional angst and give it a try. If you need more help in your transition, email me; I've helped scores of people with their individualized needs.

Contact me at bwhitlock@writing.ismything.org or write to Barbara Whitlock, 1400 Lowell Rd., Concord, MA 01742.

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