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Parent Comments

  • "I continue to endorse Barb's classes because it has been a very positive experience for my children. A few years ago, my children took classes with her in Acton. She is a dynamic, fun, vibrant, thorough, and diligent teacher. Last year, they took an online class with her, and Barb's feedback on each of their papers (paragraph by paragraph) was priceless. She breaks assignments down into tiny baby steps and is very good at posing questions to help the children clarify their thoughts. I highly recommend her courses, whether in person or online."

  • "As a professional writer and novelist, I value writing well. As a homeschool parent, I value all the help I can get in teaching my children how to do so. Barbara Whitlock's classes and methods dovetailed nicely with my own efforts to teach them. My daughter Ashlyn, who earned Honors for her letter in the 2007 Massachusetts Letters about Literature contest, wrote her winning entry at the same time that she attended Barbara's Apprentice II class. Barbara's explicit approach and helpful comments encouraged Ashlyn to take on this challenge. Instead of struggling with a blank page, Ashlyn easily wrote a draft of her letter. More importantly, however, she understood better how to revise her letter following Barbara's suggestions and my questions. As many writers know, what distinguishes clear, engaging pieces from muddled, uninteresting ones is the care with which they've been revised. Barbara's classes really underscored that critical component to writing for my children."

  • "Barbara's style of teaching is both inviting and challenging. It is inviting because of her personal warmth, her dramatic flair, and the incremental nature of her writing program, which enables even a hesitant writer to take the first step. It is challenging because she offers each student specific tools for improving his or her writing, no matter what the student's level of competence. With Barbara's supportive feedback, the student's confidence grows as he or she moves from clear models to original work."

  • "I am so impressed by the effectiveness of Barbara's unique writing method. She combines opportunities for creativity and for following childrens' interests with a clear path toward skills mastery."

  • "My daughter scored higher on the essay portion of the SAT test than on any other part. I know Barbara's course made all the difference for her. Now she is more confident to face college."

  • "My son never wanted to write a sentence. Since taking classes with Barbara, he enjoys writing."

  • "I struggled trying to use the IEW writing curriculum for years. Barbara's approach is consistent with IEW, but so much easier to implement for parents and with clear steps for the students."

  • "My daughter always liked to write creatively, but formal writing left her cold. Barbara's engaging assignments found a way to slip in the essentials without drying up her enjoyment for creative writing."

  • "Barbara has created almost a science of writing here. Kids don't need to worry about how to make their writing better. They just need to add all the puzzle pieces she provides. This has been a great approach for my kids."

  • "I'm impressed by the way Barbara subtly includes in all kinds of lessons on grammar and punctuation, without hammering these details over the kids' heads. It's as though she provides a rich table of varied foods, but graciously allows kids to sample what they want, as they become ready."

  • "I wish she had writing classes for adults. I've learned so much from sitting in on my son's classes."

  • "In order to get our homeschooled son ready for high school, we needed to get his writing skills up to snuff fast! Barbara's courses really helped him score well on the SSAT and parochial school entrance exams. He gained confidence in himself too."

  • "Barbara's warm manner just sets kids at ease. Writing has caused a lot of tension in my home. Barbara just seemed to melt that tension away because of her personal charm and her ability to connect with each kid individually. My kids just love her!"

  • "I like how Barbara creates a relaxed environment while holding the kids to high expectations."

  • "On-line classes with Barbara are just so personalized! Her comments are always encouraging and she helps kids focus on one goal at a time. At the same time, she provides detailed commentary for papers, so students can learn as much as they are ready to learn from her comments."

  • "I no longer feel guilty about my kids' writing skills!"

  • "I was relieved when my kids started these classes, just because I'd worried about writing for so long. But I was surprised at how quickly they became solid writers. It was like a miracle!"

  • "The best $100 I've ever spent homeschooling!"

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