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On-Line Classes from Write Well

Great News for those choosing on-line options!

Choose from six different on-line classes for students of all ages, from young elementary age through high school. Each class can be completed in six weeks, or extended to a pace set by individual families. Except for the accelerated highest level class, courses cost only $135, with unlimited individualized help offered through email communication. I have many other courses in the wings; often student/parent interest drives me to put the finishing touches on a work in progress. Click on the FutureCoursePlans link to view more possibilities. Feel free to email me with suggestions.

  • Plenty of Opportunities to Connect! I have been delighted by the opportunities on-line classes have created for families, who live far away and/or whose busy lives interfere with in-house classes. After putting the hard work of class preparation into creating the classes, I can focus all my time and energy on helping students and parents one-on-one, through weekly email correspondence.
  • Weight off Homeschool Parent's Shoulders! Teaching writing can seem a daunting task. So many curriculums for purchase require too much preparation or encourage twaddle. This approach to writing combines years of school and homeschool teaching experience, with a high quality presentation and an innovative, simplified approach, which incrementally leads children in skills development while providing a variety of starting points for different ages and writing temperments. In addition, Writewell tutorials offer personalized, one-on-one instruction and encouragement, from an experienced teacher and attuned homeschool mom.
  • So Little Time Required Each Week! Most courses require only 15 minutes a few days a week. Watch your child progress rapidly in his writing skills with a curriculum that takes you step-by-step, with a variety of courses designed to meet the needs of so many writers-in-training, and with limitless opportunities for one-on-one assistance.
  • A Real Bargain! Most classes cost only $100 for six weeks of instruction and assignments, with unlimited opportunities for personalized help via email communication. The Mastering Essay-Writing class costs $150, but most students choose a 12 week pace, which is still a bargain.


  • Writing for Novices: Ideal for younger students or for older students looking for a straightforward and easy way to learn the Writewell method of writing. See WritingForNovices.
  • Novice Level II: A perfect follow-up from Writing for Novices, a good starting point for younger students with a little writing experiences, and an excellent launch into formal writing for those who prefer creative tasks. See NoviceLevelII.
  • Writing for Apprentices: This class provides a good launching place for older elementary students with some writing experience and for middle school students who are reluctant or undisciplined writers. Students who have taken Writing for Novices or Novice Level II can also transition into this class. Assignments tend toward creativity. See WritingForApprentices.
  • Apprentice Level II: This gentle introduction into formal essay-writing can serve the needs of sophisiticated elementary writers, middle school students, and older. Students focus on writing a five-paragraph bibiographical essay about a person of their choice. See ApprenticeLevelII.
  • Apprentice Level III: Another gentle introduction to writing five-paragraph essays, with some expanded goals beyond those of the Apprentice Level II course. Students focus on writing a narrative critique of a novel of the student's choice. See ApprenticeLevelIII.
  • Apprentice Level IV: Learn the art of persuasive writing. Students focus on a topic they are passionate about, do some research, learn essential critical thinking, logic and rhetorical skills, as well as psychologically-attuned approaches to winning over others to their view. Students will complete one 5 paragraph essay in this 6 week course.
  • Internet Writing for Teens An ideal complement to academic writing, and a perfect start for reluctant writers. Learn a variety of magazine-style Internet writing genres: informative, how-to, commentary, persuasive, experience-based and review writing. Added bonus: Select articles can be published at Helium.com for small payments.
  • Mastering Essay-Writing: Designed for older students with either expansive formal writing experience or with high motivation to master high school writing demands in preparation for the challenges of collegial writing, including preparation for the S.A.T.essay-writing requirement. See MasteringEssayWriting.
  • SAT Essay-Writing: Master the SAT essay through this course, which can be completed in 1-6 weeks, depending on the pace you choose. All students who have taken this test have scored very well on the SAT essay. This course was developed from insights by SAT scorers and their rubrics.

Not sure where to start or how to sequence the classes? Realize that there are many starting points, providing flexibility to adapt writing challenge to your children's interests and needs. Take a look at CourseSequenceOptions for more details.

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