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Mastering Essay-Writing


  • What? Mastering Essay-Writing focuses on mastering the five paragraph thesis-essay, while exploring various forms for such tasks, including writing critiques, persuasive essays, literary and historical analyses, and S.A.T. essay preparation. Students will employ the Write Well process (see AboutWriteWell for details), while wrestling with the brain-stretching analytical work of developing topic and concluding sentences, introductions and conclusions, thesis statements, and logical arguments supported by appropriate evidence. Assignments are flexible, insofar as you can substitute one you have assigned from another source for the required assignments, but only after discussing this with me at bwhitlock@WritingIsMyThing.org.

  • Where? This class is taught on-line through email links. Personal encouragement and detailed attention to papers enables a continuous dialogue between instructor and students. Most older students are too busy to commit to one specific day and time for such tasks. Individual tutoring is also available.

  • When? The class is designed for six weeks of intensive work, or 12 weeks for a more moderate pace. The on-line options gives you the freedom to complete the work at your own pace. While the timing is more flexible, it is important to maintain a steady pace in order to maintain momentum. Email me at bwhitlock@WritingIsMyThing.org to discuss a plan in advance. Most students work through the first assignment and then set up a plan for completing the course within a time framework that works well for them.

  • How? To register, contact me directly at barwhitlock@gmail.com about class availability and then click on RegistrationForm to download, print, and mail with check to Barbara Whitlock. This class costs $175.

  • Why? Give yourself the advantage you need for high school, college, and for the corporate world. Mastering Essay-Writing in the many forms demanded in high school and college ensures solid achievement. Knowing how to organize one's thoughts, argue logically, support one's arguments with evidence, and express one's self clearly, creatively, and expansively opens doors and opportunities for a lifetime.

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