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Individualized Tutoring Assistance

For students looking for more personalized help, I offer individualized tutoring. Students can access this help in two ways:

  • In-person tutoring: Students looking for individualized tutoring can meet with me near my home in Concord, MA, at the rate of $65 per hour. After determining the writing needs of the student, an individualized writing plan will be developed which may mirror available classes or which may be created uniquely for each student.
  • Personal tutoring through email: For students looking for an individualized approach to assisting with their writing skills, personal help is available. An individualized plan can be developed, based on the student's interests and need. The rate of $65 per hour will be applied to the types of tasks requested. If students have shorter pieces to edit, the scale may slide downward; longer tasks may increase the rate. Ideal for writing college essays!
Options for tutoring sessions:
  • Students can bring tasks from other venues (their own writing, other coursework, applications, etc.), and I will help them develop their writing skills through these tasks.
  • Students and parents can explain the types of help they need, and I will develop an individualized plan for them.
  • Students may have works in progress (stories, college essays, etc.) for which they need specific assistance.

Payments for tutoring sessions: Payments need to be received in advance of each tutoring session, at a rate of $65 an hour. For those seeking help through email, we will have to assess the tasks needed and set a rate for a certain number of hours in advance, in order to coordinate payments with work sessions.

Email me for more information at bwhitlock@writing.ismything.org. Or call me at 978-371-3086.

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