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How to Host a Writewell In-house Class in your Area

Host families can sponsor satellite classes for students in their region at 25 % off the cost of the classes offered, for all the host family's children. Most classes run six weeks, but other arrangements can be made. See the HowToHostAWritewellClass link below. Plans are in the works to offer in-house classes in North Andover from Janaury through April of 2007. If you are interested in participating, email bwhitlock@writing.ismything.org.

Throughout the school year and over the summer, I have offered in-house classes in a variety of locations, including Concord, Acton, and Newton, MA. I am always looking to create satellite classes in new locations; email me at bwhitlock@writing.ismything.org to inquire.

  • Hosts earn a $25 discount for each of their children enrolled in a class.
  • I am available to travel on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons within 30 miles of my home, in Concord, MA during the school year, up to 60 miles during the summer months.
  • I prefer to teach two one-hour classes back-to-back, to maximize my time efficiency and to reach a variety of age levels.

  • If you want to host Writewell courses in your area, the host must:
    • Email me at bwhitlock@writing.ismything.org.
    • Identify approximately 10 students for each of the two classes offered. If you cannot meet this 10 student target goal, email an inquiry anyway and explain your circumstances. I may be available.
    • Arrange a meeting place in a private home or other appropriate facility, with table space and room for a white board (I can bring my own on a tripod and white board, if needed).
    • Take responsibility for setting up and maintaining the space selected, in cooperation with the other families involved.
    • Collect money from the participants or direct the participants to register and send payment to me within two weeks of starting the class.
    • If the space requires a fee, the host can add this shared expense to the cost of the class and collect this from the families involved.

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