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How to Host a Writewell In-house Class in your Area

Throughout the school year and over the summer, I have offered in-house classes in a variety of locations, including Concord, Acton, and Newton, MA. I am always looking to create satellite classes in new locations; email me at bwhitlock@writing.ismything.org to inquire.

  • Hosts earn a $25 discount for each of their children enrolled in a class.
  • I am available to travel on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons within 30 miles of my home, in Concord, MA during the school year, up to 60 miles during the summer months.
  • I prefer to teach two one-hour classes back-to-back, to maximize my time efficiency and to reach a variety of age levels.

  • If you want to host Writewell courses in your area, the host must:
    • Email me at bwhitlock@writing.ismything.org.
    • Identify approximately 10 students for each of the two classes offered. If you cannot meet this 10 student target goal, email an inquiry anyway and explain your circumstances. I may be available.
    • Arrange a meeting place in a private home or other appropriate facility, with table space and room for a white board (I can bring my own on a tripod and white board, if needed).
    • Take responsibility for setting up and maintaining the space selected, in cooperation with the other families involved.
    • Collect money from the participants or direct the participants to register and send payment to me within two weeks of starting the class.
    • If the space requires a fee, the host can add this shared expense to the cost of the class and collect this from the families involved.

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