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Apprentice Level III


  • What? Focusing on a novel of the student's choice, this class leads one step-by-step in writing a narrative critique, based on a five-paragraph essay model. The challenges of "parts-to-whole" thinking expand from the Apprentice Level II course, because of the broader scope of the topic. Students continue to develop essential outlining skills, to look for conceptual patterns as a means of sorting through details, while providing textual evidence to support arguments. Students will study the fundamentals of writing topic/concluding sentences, introductions/conclusions, along with thesis statements, while plugging away at proper comma use and eliminating passive voice verb constructions.

  • Where? On-line classes are available on on-going basis. Past in-house classes have been offered in Acton, Concord, and Newton, MA. No plans have been finalized for in-house classes for the summer and fall. If you would like to host a Write Well class in your area, see the HowToHostAWritewellClass link for details.

  • When? On-line students may register at any time. If you would be interesting in hosting an in-house class--and you live within 30 miles of Concord, MA (60 miles if summer)--see details by clicking on the HowToHostAWritewellClass link.

  • How? Download the registration form on the opening public page of the website, or click on RegistrationForm. Fill out the form, include the check, and mail to me at the address provided on the form. Within days of receiving your registration, I will send you a log-in invitation, and you can begin the class at your leisure.

  • Why? Give your child a sound start in developing these essential writing skills, with the advantage of a proven, easy to use curriculum, and with the assistance of a private instructor.

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