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The Write Well Approach to Writing


  • General Description Writing well requires craftmanship more than inspiration. The Write Well method combines techniques from a variety of sources with innovative step-by-step procedures to take the guess work out of writing. Never stare at a blank page again!

  • The Process
Blue Print
blueprint.jpg The writer uses an outline to plan the design, paying close attention to all the parts, and providing sufficient information to clarify arrangements. We use keyword outlines primarily, in order to give cues for the writing process.
Rough Construction
Constructin1.jpg At this stage, the writer focuses on order, but not on the quality of the writing. The paragraph is built by constructing sentences. The raw materials are provided by the cues listed in the key word outline.
Fancy Decorators
decorator.jpg The goal, at this stage, is to improve the quality of the paragraph. The mystery is taken out of this process through the use of a tool box of specific dressups, sentences openers, and advanced decorations.
inspector.jpg This is the proof-reading stage, which can benefit from more than one inspector, to catch mistakes which the first inspector may have missed.

  • The Lessons Each lesson approaches increments in skills development, while modeling the lesson at hand. Clear models, specific tasks, and ready tools yield high results.

  • The Assignments Students complete each of the four steps in the writing process for homework on varied tasks each week. Help from parents is encouraged, while goals for increasing independence are realized over time. The instructor will carefully edit each paper and return by the next scheduled class. For On-Line students, allow 5-7 days turn-around. Assignments from other sources may be substituted, with instructor's approval.

  • The Results Students and parents are frequently surprised by the quick, high results this program yields, if the student applies himself diligently. Students leap in the grade level quality of their writing. Often students find that repeating the class, or continuing the sequence, yields much higher results. Craftsmen only improve with practice.

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